The hot topic and #1 question I get these days from clients is how to clean their lists and/or do re-engagement campaigns. Email may be a cheap marketing medium, but smart marketers are watching their pennies in this economy, and don’t want to waste their CPM on subscribers who are not even opening their messages. Let’s take a look at a good example of this strategy.

UNICEF – Last chance: Stay subscribed to UNICEF eNews

Being a charitable organization, UNICEF especially needs to spend wisely and not throw marketing dollars out the window at unresponsive contacts. I recently received this message from them: While I’m not a fan of the all caps message body, they definitely got my attention, and this stood out in comparison to their regular emails. They give a compelling reason to stay subscribed – more children are at risk than ever – and remind me of what I’ve been missing out on (field updates, progress reports and how to get involved). Most importantly, there’s a prominent, easy button to click and stay subscribed. Bronto client WhatTheyThink recently sent out a similar re-engagement campaign that was so compelling it inspired a post over at Dave Baldaro’s blog – check out the message itself and Dave’s reaction to it here.  There are a few key takeaways to be gleaned from these two examples:
  • Get their attention. If your usual messages have been getting overlooked, you don't want this one to be passed by as well, right? Consider varying your typical design or color scheme to stand out, and use text and imagery to get and keep their attention. UNICEF did this with their large font and "Last Chance" subject line, and WhatTheyThink had an even more attention-grabbing subject and farewell graphic.  I wonder if UNICEF had included a picture of a sick child, if they would have achieved a higher response rate?
  • Remind them of the benefits. Why should they stay subscribed; what will they miss out on if they don't respond? Perhaps incentivize them to stick around with a special offer.
  • Make it easy for them to say yes. Give a clear call to action and a large, bulletproof button for one-click confirmation with or without images enabled.
  • Let them know what will happen if they do not respond. Be clear that they will not be hearing from you again.
For more advice on maximizing your ROI via list cleansing and re-engagement campaigns, read this how-to guide written by WhatTheyThink’s Email Marketing Strategist here at Bronto, Kristen Gregory. And Bronto customers: check out the Brontoversity step-by-step guide to using Bronto’s Clean function to do your own cleanup and re-engagement.

Julie Waite
Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto