2018 was a great year for The Commerce Marketer Podcast. Over 26 episodes, we covered a variety of digital marketing topics like SEO, paid search, email marketing and segmentation, marketplaces, customer experience, IP infringement, and retail and marketing trends — to name a few. In this “best of” episode, I take a look back at some of my favorite moments — both serious and fun — from 2018. The episode is styled like a mullet, with business in the front and a party in the back. In the front portion of the program, we’ll highlight the business end of digital marketing and the retail space, while in the back end we’ll focus on the fun and unexpected guest moments. Listen to the full podcast episode on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Play, CastBoxStitcherTuneIn, and YouTube, and as always, don’t forget to rate review and subscribe.