Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: Ronald Dod, CEO and Founder, Visiture SEO, in principle, hasn’t really changed over the past 15 years. But the tactics used to improve SEO continue to evolve as we go along. And with the increase of non-traditional “search engines”, like Amazon and social media sites, focusing on improving all aspects of your SEO has never been more critical. So, while there may be countless strategies for improving your site’s SEO, you have to determine in which strategies the juice is worth the squeeze. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I sat down with Ronald Dod, Co-founder and CEO of Visiture, to discuss the 17 SEO tactics and why they are so critical as the SEO landscape evolves. In this episode we’ll discuss:
    • Which SEO tactic do most retailers not do, but should?
    • The circumstance that hurts a lot of retailers and how to correct it.
    • How important is content publishing when it comes to SEO?
    • How to approach non-traditional search engines, like Amazon and social media sites.
    • Why it is so critical to properly attribute SEO to conversions.
    • How Ron thinks SEO will change within the next 5 years.

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