Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Bronto Guest: Randy Kohl, Director of Content & Digital Strategy, Gorilla Group Topic: Customer-First SEO and the Marketing Overlap SEO is an ingredient, not a recipe. For some marketers, it’s not traditionally been part of their day-to-day. But with the evolution of consumer expectations, mobile dominance and the rise of voice search, there is a growing overlap between overall marketing strategy and SEO practices. I spoke with Randy Kohl, Director of Content & Digital Strategy at Gorilla Group, about how SEO is changing from a conceptual level, and how it relates to a broader content strategy from the marketing department. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, we discuss:
  • The pivotal forces driving changes in SEO today.
  • How content plays a role in SEO strategy.
  • Planning for micro-moments and how it impacts SEO strategy.
  • The evolution of voice search and its impact on SEO.
  • How ad-blocking software plays into the mix.
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