Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle + Bronto Guests: Darren Baldwin, E-commerce Manager, Dungarees David Taitelbaum, Marketing Strategist, Oracle + Bronto Colby Saenz, Ecommerce Manager, Sportsman’s Warehouse Topic: Questions Answered and Predictions Made The ecommerce and retail landscape is changing, which raises a lot of questions for commerce marketers. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I talk to three of them and get their opinions on the state of retail today and what’s in store for the future. Check out our industry mashup of their responses and predictions. We discuss:
  • The biggest challenge for online retailers today.
  • Whether brick-and-mortar will survive.
  • What social media means for retail.
  • The most effective email marketing strategy they’ve implemented.
  • Where Amazon will be in five years. Will it be more or less dominant? Why?
Connect with today’s guests on Twitter: Darren Baldwin - @EcommDarren David Taitelbaum - @David_Taite Colby Saenz - @ColbySaenz We welcome your feedback and invite you to share any topics you’d like to hear about. | @WhatsGregDoing And stay tuned for the next installment of The Commerce Marketer Podcast. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our series via Apple Podcasts or Google Play.