Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: John Andrews, Co-founder and CEO, Prevailing Path Topic: Mapping the Modern-Day Consumer’s Path to Purchase If you search online for a pair of boots, those boots will follow you around the internet for weeks. But is this really what compels consumers to buy? The way people seek out and receive information has changed, which has drastically shifted the consumer’s path to purchase. And no one knows this better than today’s guest: John Andrews, CEO and co-founder at Prevailing Path. As the founder of Walmart’s ElevenMom’s program, John noticed the early changes in how consumers receive and digest information, and recognized the power that influencer marketing wields. I spoke with John about the customer journey in today’s retail environment, the effects of Amazon on legacy brick-and-mortars, discounting strategies, and if there is anything John would never buy online. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, we discuss:
  • How the consumer journey has changed.
  • Why retailers are so reluctant to move away from deep discounting.
  • How simplicity and customer service can create brand advocates.
  • Voice-assisted commerce and how it challenges brands.
  • Amazon, legacy brick-and-mortars, and how retailers can survive.
  • The channels consumers engage with the most.
  • Amazon vs. Walmart: Where’s it heading?
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