Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: Pete & Allison Behringer, Owners, Sweet Pete’s Candy Candy may be fun, but business can be hard. Viewers of the TV show The Profit witnessed this during season two when Sweet Pete’s Candy was front and center. Sweet Pete’s was a small candy shop faced with many business challenges: Driving in-store traffic while in a less-than-ideal location, creating a customer experience that would encourage customer loyalty, and growing a business while being under-equipped, under-staffed, and saddled with a partner who kept pulling money out of the business rather than reinvesting. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I am joined by two confectionary conquistadors, the founders of Sweet Pete’s Candy, Pete and Allison Behringer. We’ll discuss the importance of the in-store customer experience, how it continues to evolve, ways to navigate entrepreneurial challenges, and what Marcus Lemonis taught them about business. In this episode you’ll hear about:
  • The genesis and evolution of the in-store customer experience.
  • What drove the need to expand product offerings in-store.
  • Challenges of working alongside a complimentary, but separate, business.
  • Some of the biggest entrepreneurial challenges faced when starting out?
  • The surprising candy creation that never got a rabid fanbase.
  • Advice for how to persevere through those difficult business moments.
  • Candy thumbs-up and thumbs-down: Which ones make the grades?


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