At Bronto we’re always working on ways to improve the numerous connectors we have with e-commerce platforms. Today I want to focus on the Bronto integration for Demandware, which now has a new version (14.2) available for customers.

As with the popular Bronto extension for Magento, the Bronto integration for Demandware is a connector we build, support and maintain with a dedicated team of Bronto engineers. This means we’re able to get new features in your hands much faster, with the same standard of innovation and performance you’re accustomed to with the Bronto Marketing Platform. We also offer full-service implementation, which includes installation, configuration and testing.

The goal of this integration is to make it much easier and faster for you to drive high-impact lifecycle marketing campaigns based on past-purchase data from your Demandware site.

Here are the key features of the Bronto integration for Demandware:

  • Contact Import – Map customer information collected on your Demandware site to contact fields in Bronto and automatically import the data.
  • Order Import with Conversion Tracking – Import detailed past-purchase information, including complete order history and product data, to create more targeted and personalized lifecycle marketing campaigns.
  • Newsletter Opt-In – Automatically add contacts who opt-in for marketing emails on your Demandware site to Bronto and keep their subscription status and list membership up-to-date.
  • Transactional Emails – Send order confirmation emails directly through Bronto for maximum control over deliverability and detailed performance metrics. Easily change the look and feel of a message without having to involve a developer.

Here are a few examples of campaigns you can create and execute with Bronto and our Demandware integration:

  • Upsell & Cross-Sell – Segment contacts by the specific products they purchased and promote upgrades, accessories and related items.
  • Replenishment & Renewal – Re-engage with past purchasers to drive repeat purchases of the same products.
  • VIP & Loyalty Programs – Use past-purchase data and RFM analysis to identify your VIP customers and offer them rewards and special opportunities.
  • Make-Up or Break-Up – Review purchase history, including last order date, alongside email inactivity, to determine who qualifies for a re-engagement campaign.
  • Product Reviews – Engage with past purchasers through product review requests, product care tips and warranty/service information.

Interested in the Bronto integration for Demandware? Contact your Account Manager or visit the Demandware LINK Marketplace.

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Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya)

Product Marketing Manager

Bronto Software