How to Engage Subscribers and How to Successfully Run a Make-Up or Break-Up Campaign. But in applying these strategies and best practices, there has always been a bit of manual work involved to identify contacts that are not engaged. And “manual” doesn't fit well with the set-it-and-forget-it automated campaigns that we like to enable in Bronto. So, here’s a quick snapshot of the changes we’ve made:
  • 3 new engagement dates have been added to the contact record and are available for segmentation
    • Last Delivery Date, Last Open Date, Last Click Date
  • Engagement dates are not based on data retention
    • The dates will remain on the contact record for the life of the account
    • The dates have been back-populated from data from 2013 until today
  • Re-engagement campaigns can be automated through the use of a segment and a workflow using the “Segment Membership Change” trigger node
  • Engagement dates are available on a contact-by-contact basis through the readContacts API call with the includeEngagementData option
  • Engagement dates will be added to the contact view in Bronto in the upcoming weeks

Automating Re-engagement Campaigns

With Last Delivery Date, Last Open Date, and Last Click Date now being part of the contact record, we can use existing Bronto features to completely automate a re-engagement campaign in 3 easy steps: 1. Create a re-engagement message (or multiple messages for a multi-message campaign). 2. Build a segment that identifies contacts that have not engaged within a specified time period. In this example, we identify non-openers by creating a segment for those contacts who have not opened in the last 90 days. To make sure they had the opportunity to open, we can also make sure that they were sent a delivery in the last 90 days. Email Engagement Segment Options Non-Openers Last 90 Days 3. Create a workflow that is triggered when a contact is added to this segment. The workflow will allow you to take different actions based on the contact’s response to the message. In the example below, non-clickers are unsubscribed after 7 days and clickers are added to a “Re-engaged” list. Non Engaged Workflow This is a simple example of how you can completely automate your re-engagement campaigns using segments and workflows. The same strategy can be applied with simple workflow modifications to support a more sophisticated multi-message campaign. Like this feature? Let us know by posting a comment below. Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software]]>