On the following screen, click Take Me To New Webforms. You should now see our new webforms area. This screen will look very similar to the previous webforms area with a list of the webforms you can edit, as well as the option to create some additional forms. Let's take a look at how a contact add webform is created. As you can see, it now looks very different. However, the new webforms area is designed to be much easier to use, with a more intuitive interface. Each section is now a drag and drop area, so when you create your webform, you will move the elements you want to your webform, and drop them where they need to go. In the left column, you will have the choice of moving rows with 1, 2, or 3 columns into the work area. Below the row selection, you can drag and drop your Fields, Lists, or any Text & HTML you want to be a part of your webform. At the top of the work area, there are some elements you will be required to add, such as the email address field, the submit button, and some optional elements like an email verify field or the Text/HTML preference option checkbox. Below is a screen shot showing the elements you can drag over to the webform work area. In the next screen shot, I have dragged a row with two columns and added in the require email address field, submit button, and the fields First Name, Last Name, and City. The Email Address and Submit button are located in one column, and the fields are located in the second column. Once you have added the elements to your webforms and set them up where they are going to be located, click the button to save your webform changes. As you build your webform, you can also preview the layout by clicking the button located in the upper corner of the webforms page. More elements of the new webforms will be available in the near future, but hopefully this gives you a quick insight into the way the new webforms are created. I invite you to spend some time trying out and testing some of the new webforms functionality.

Rob Slade 
Client Support Specialist Bronto Software.