Colby Saenz is all about bridging the gap between the online and in-store experience. As the Ecommerce Marketing Manager at Salt Lake City, Utah-based Sportsman’s Warehouse, an 87–store retailer, he understands that people like to buy in different ways. Customers of the fishing, camping and hunting chain might want to buy online and pick up the item in the store, or they might want notifications of events happening at local stores. And they certainly aren’t interested in promotions for the kinds of fishing products you would use in Utah – if they are living in Wilmington, North Carolina. As Saenz shared with us in our recently published customer success story, the option to geo-segment email sends is critical. The open rates on geo-segmented emails are 66% percent higher than promotional emails, and Saenz says that the additional store traffic encourages store associates to collect emails. Saenz also told us that vendors are more willing to work with the company on promotions if he can show that emails are going to customers with an expressed interest in a specific product. But email is also about driving revenue. In the story, Saenz talks about the big lift from using Cart Recovery messages. And he details some of the other ways Bronto plays a critical role in his marketing program:
  • Using email to pump up the company’s ship-to-store option.
  • Deploying coupon management to curb discount code abuse.
  • Triggering a welcome series to introduce customers to the retailer.
  • Opting for strategy services to lend a hand.
About that last bullet: strategy is an optional service Bronto provides. I’ve yet to talk to a customer that didn’t find it invaluable. Saenz was no exception. “Bronto helped me with workflows, suggested the best process for suppressing promotional emails and outlined best practices for testing,” Saenz says, adding, “Their advice made me more productive.”