You asked ... You waited ... It’s finally here! Bronto now fully supports reporting by date range in all core reports, and we've also added date filtering to Comparison Reports.

Measure Campaign Performance by Date Range

When you open a Message, Delivery, Delivery Group, Workflows or A/B Split report, you’ll notice a new drop-down menu near the top right corner of the page. By default, it is set to “All Time,” which displays all of the aggregate metrics for the respective report. All Time default Matt2Clicking this menu gives you a wealth of date filtering options, including quick selections such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week/Month/Year or Last 7/14/30/60/90/120 Days You can also set your own custom date range if you feel so inclined. Clicking each sub-menu expands the selection into additional options. For example, clicking “Last” will expand to “Last week,” “Last Month,” etc. Once you set your desired range, simply click the “Filter” button to update your report based on your selection. From here, you can do a number of things. First, the “Download” option in the top right is fully aware of your newly filtered metrics, so if you decide to download your data, the numbers in the downloaded file will reflect those found in the filtered report. There’s one important thing to keep in mind while viewing your reports. The metrics in the gray bars and graphs are going to be different than those visible in the grids because the data sets are collected differently. The stats you see in the gray bar and graphs are based on the Event Date (send, click, conversion, etc.),when an action occurred with respect to the date range you’ve selected. Stats displayed in the grid (only in select report tabs) are based on Delivery Date when the message/delivery was sent with respect to your date range. Both have advantages based on what you want to see, so you get the best of both worlds.

Compare Results Across Multiple Date Ranges

Comparison ReportsOnce you filter your report, clicking the “Compare” link will push your date-filtered metrics into a Comparison Report and populate the first column. In the second column, you can add another message, delivery, or delivery group for side-by-side viewing.

You’ll notice that each column in the report has its own date filter, so you can quickly adjust your comparison across multiple date ranges with ease. This is a great way to compare the same message or campaign across different time periods. Just add your desired message twice (or more) and then adjust the date filters in each column for the ranges you’d like to compare.

Also, just like a normal report page, you can download the data from a Comparison Report to a spreadsheet and your date filters will be maintained. Comparison Report resultsPreviously, to achieve similar results, you had to create a delivery group comprised of all deliveries within your desired date range and then compare that delivery group to another one (or another message, etc.) What this new functionality means is that you no longer have to create delivery groups to track and/or compare multiple deliveries of the same message for date-based reporting. If you’ve done this before, you’re probably well aware that it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Now, all you need to do is filter a Message Report by your desired range and boom -- you get the same results while saving a boatload of time.

We have a lot of great things planned for reporting in Bronto, but these new features should certainly make your life easier when it comes to measuring your campaign performance. What do you think? Let us know by posting a comment below!