A few weeks ago, we released our next-gen email reports to our customers. This functionality is something we’re really excited about because it isn’t merely a new skin on our old reporting system or some new reports thrown in – it’s an entirely new platform built to serve our customers’ reporting and analytics needs well into the future. This was no small task. Our engineers have been working on it for years. Like a new house, everything from the underlying architecture to metrics handling and aggregation to the user interface, storage and data export has been rebuilt from the ground up. We’ve rebuilt a lot of the features you’re familiar with, but let’s take a closer look at what’s new. Bronto Reports Overview

Insightful Email Reports  

You can access any new email report by clicking the report icon next to any delivery, message, split group, list or segment in your account. You can also view your account-level Email Performance report by clicking on Reports and selecting Email Performance. Each report displays metrics at the respective item level. So, if you’re looking at a Message Report, it will roll up all metrics from all deliveries of a particular message. Email Performance will give you a complete account-level rollup of your email-based metrics. Bronto Email Reports Each of these reports has multiple tabs, allowing you to view performance overviews, time-series charts, quick comparisons and vital metrics all under one roof. New device-level metrics allow you to monitor your email performance across desktop, phone and tablet devices. With the majority of internet traffic occurring on mobile devices today, this level of granularity is more important than ever. Right out of the box, you’ll find dozens of metrics for the most comprehensive view of your email performance in Bronto. For example, you can view 12 core metrics per device type for a total of 48 variants in all. That’s a game-changer in commerce, where competition for shoppers’ attention is growing and access to quick insights about campaign success can give you an edge. Bronto Link-Level Metrics

Powerful Link-Level Metrics  

New link-level heat maps and tables provide rich visualization of the performance of each link in your message by clicks and RFM metrics such as revenue, orders, conversions and conversion rate. You can view and compare complete sets of data across multiple links via the Links grid. And literally see the areas of your email that contribute the greatest revenue via the Links tab heat map. Filter the heatmap by a specific metric or click any of the link hot spots to view a pop-up containing the metrics for the given link.

Coming Soon: Quick and Easy Data Export   

In addition to overhauling the report viewing experience, we’ve also rebuilt how you export reports, so you can easily get the metrics you want into the offline formats you need. Simply click Export in any new email report and enter your report name, adjust the date range, choose whether to include device-level metrics, set your currency and you’re all set! Bronto will notify you once your report is ready to download, and you can quickly grab it from the new Downloads page. This functionality will be available in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, you can export grid data directly from any report by clicking the export icon. For more information, check out "New Reports + Campaigns: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven." This recorded webinar will get you up to speed on how to start taking advantage of these exciting new features. Keep in mind:
  • New Reports are available for customers on Bronto’s Order Service. If you’re using Advanced Conversions to pull order data through Bronto, contact your Account Manager to plan a pathway to New Reports.