While speaking with folks at last year’s Bronto City Tour, we realized some of you aren’t taking full advantage of all that the Bronto platform has to offer. So we thought we’d remind you about some of the valuable features that help make Bronto so efficient and easy to use. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for?
  • Data Loader allows you to upload large files 10 times faster.
  • Streamline the time it takes to build new messages and include more product details in your emails with our Products feature.
  • Use heat maps to see what part of the message the customer is clicking on. Much more insight and visual reporting are now available via the “Clicks” tab of a Delivery Report.
  • With JSON integration, we can capture data in the order phase to help you understand your customer better.
  • Want another option for importing order and cart data? Use our Order Service REST API to bring in, update or delete carts and orders.
  • Workflows are a key component of successful marketing campaigns. Have you seen our most recent enhancements? We’ve increased the length of the node label length, added message preview thumbnails on the Send Email nodes, created a new default filter for the Cart is Abandoned trigger node, added relative date support in Change Contact Field node and much more.
  • Leverage our new segment and workflow templates to quickly and easily implement common segments and workflows.
And have you seen our new apps and connectors? Check these out:
  • Connectors: Whether your platform is NetSuite, Demandware or Magento, we’ve got connections that allow you to work exclusively in the Bronto interface rather than switching between platforms.
  • Socialite: Make the whole process of advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so much easier. This app allows you to build segments to better target customers instead of paying for thousands of eyeballs that won’t convert.
  • Coupon Manager: Are your coupon offers leaking out to the masses? We supply a bit of JavaScript to help you create personalized codes, track redemption and understand how much revenue you’re getting vs. how much you’re giving away.
These features are all available to you and will only help you get more out of Bronto. Add them to your toolbox, and start the new year off right by saving more time and driving more revenue. For more information, search our help documentation or reach out to your Account Manager. Best wishes for a productive and profitable 2016!