It’s becoming increasingly commonplace for retail websites to use a pop-up sign-up to collect new email subscribers. Pop-ups are a low-cost, highly efficient mechanism for growing your contact list and ensuring you can connect with individuals once they’ve left your site by triggering a welcome series or sending promotions. When done well, you can also use them to provide valuable information to your customers at various times of the year. Many of our customers are well aware of the value a pop-up can offer, having already implemented Pop-Up Manager, a Bronto app that tightly integrates your website’s pop-ups with your contact records and lists. Our customers using the app average over a 3% submission rate, and those with the highest number of site visitors average nearly 8%. If you aren’t one of these customers, what are you waiting for? Contact your Bronto Account Manager today. For those of you already taking advantage of Pop-Up Manager, I’d like to draw your attention to some features that can help you realize even more value from the app.

Make Your Pop-Up Fit Your Brand

Tired of seeing that same boring rectangular pop-up on your site? Is there a shape or other visual that is synonymous with your brand, the season of the year or the offer you’re promoting? Just combine a branded background image with a transparent background color and voila! You’ve got an eye-catching pop-up like this one from Danskin that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Danskin Pop-upRun Seasonal Pop-Ups

The typical pop-up is intended to capture a contact’s opt-in and email address, never to be seen again. But wouldn’t it be nice to use your site’s pop-up to support a special promotion and have those same contacts see it? Good news! You can! When configuring Pop-Up Manager, you can choose to set cookies based on specific versions of your pop-up. This means if you start using a new pop-up design on your site, previous respondents to the earlier one will be able to see the new one. Pop-Up Manager Cookies

Build Mobile-Friendly Pop-Ups

When designing your pop-up, don’t forget about your mobile visitors. You can display a different version for those users. Just create a design that’s appropriate for the mobile screen size and activate it for the mobile version.

Mobile Pop-up OptionsTest Different Options

A/B testing isn’t just for emails or landing pages. Different designs and pop-up settings can have dramatically different results. Pop-Up Manager allows you to run A/B testing on multiple pop-ups. Just associate your opt-ins for each to a different list and watch your lists grow. Once you see a clear winner, make that version the active pop-up for your site.

Pop-up TestingIntegrate Pop-Up Manager With Other Bronto Apps

Did you know you can embed a coupon code directly in your pop-up thank you? If you’ve also purchased Bronto’s Coupon Manager, once the user submits their email address, you can display the coupon image and URL from Coupon Manager on the thank you page. This way, as soon as a contact opts in, they have immediate access to the coupon without having to wait for an email. Coupon example And if you’re already using our Cart Recovery app, the email that’s captured by your pop-up becomes immediately available for your cart. So when a customer adds items to a cart but abandons it without first signing in to your site, you’ll still have their email address and can send a cart recovery message. The pop-up sign-up has definitely proven to be a very valuable tool for today’s retailers, and with the many options and customizations available through our Pop-Up Manager, it can work for pretty much any brand with very little effort. For more details on this amazing app, contact your account manager or visit the Bronto AppCenter.