Why is this helpful?

This enhancement lets you use much of the functionality of Direct Update even when a contact does not have a Bronto cookie. If you have the email address of the contact, you can now add and update information to the contact record even if their status is "transactional." Also, this can be used in place of Direct Update for capturing contact information for abandoned cart messages when you have a contact's email address, but not a cookie. 

Important things to note

  1. Choosing a status updates the URL in the Direct Add section and does NOT automatically change the behavior of any existing Direct Add URLs in use. The URLs appear the same with one additional parameter being added after the email address for unconfirmed and transactional.
  • onboarding: http://app.bronto.com....&email=example@example.com
  • unconfirmed: http://app.bronto.com....&email=example@example.com&doubleOptin=1
  • transactional: http://app.bronto.com....&email=example@example.com&transactional=1
  1. This change will NOT modify any Direct Add URLs that you've already implemented.
  2. You can support all 3 options by creating a Direct Add URL for each status (Onboarding, Unconfirmed, Transactional).
  3. In addition to adding contacts, you can also update up to 10 fields with each Direct Add call. If you need to update more than 10 fields, you can call the Direct Add multiple times.
  4. Direct Add will not change the status of an existing Active or Onboarding contact to Transactional. However, it will change the status of a Transactional contact to Onboarding.
  • If you use a Transactional Direct Add with an email address that already exists as an Active account, the account will remain Active and will NOT change to Transactional. However, the field data will be updated.
  • If you use an Onboarding Direct Add with an email address that already exists as a Transactional account, the account will change to Onboarding and the field data will be udpated.

Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) 
Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software