Bronto has recently introduced a new Bronto Labs feature called the Drafts folder. This nifty item brings with it a long-requested feature; auto-saving of your messages. Let's take a look.

First off, the feature must be enabled in the Bronto Labs interface. To do that, either click the green flask icon in the upper right of the application, or go to the Home->Settings->Bronto Labs. Once on the Bronto Labs page, just click the 'Enable' link next to the 'Drafts Message Folder' item.

Once you have enabled the drafts message folder feature, messages that you are editing will be auto-saved to the Drafts folder every minute. That way, if you forget to save a message or your computer crashes, you will still be able to access the version of the message you were working on. The Drafts folder is automatically created for you when this feature is enabled. 

A draft of the message will continue to be saved each minute, until you stop editing the message and click Save and Close. When you click Save and Close, the draft will be removed from the drafts folder because the most recent version of the message will be the one you recently saved yourself. If you start editing the message again, an auto-saved version of the message will once again be saved to the drafts folder every minute. If you attempt to edit a message and a draft version exists, you will be asked if you want to edit the last manually saved version of the message, or the draft version of the message.

That's all there is to it. Just enable the feature in Bronto Labs, and the system will automatically begin saving the messages you are working on in 1 minute intervals. Now, you'll never lose more than a minutes worth of work!  Enjoy!


Lucas Weber
Support Services Manager