Are you stuck in a marketing rut? Do your efforts focus entirely around email? Is your list growth limited to new website visitors? If so, you may be missing the mark with today’s shoppers who seek out brands that are prominent in fashionable society. They’re looking for socialites! But don’t worry, becoming a socialite isn’t as scary as you may think, thanks to Bronto’s Socialite app. It’s been a little more than a year since we introduced Socialite, and in that time, we’ve seen many customers join the high society, leveraging the features of the social media-focused app to target consumers through Facebook Audiences and Tabs, Twitter Cards and Instagram Shopping. In everyday life, socialites see the value of their ways in their life experiences and interactions with others. But in business, being a socialite with a penchant for social media can often be a difficult expense to justify. With Bronto’s Socialite, the benefits are clear, simple and tangible:

Increase Email Subscriptions

Socialite’s integrations with Facebook Tabs and Twitter Cards give you two quick ways to provide consumers with an easy way to opt in to receiving further communications. And the integration with Instagram lets you easily build an opt-in form to capture a consumer’s email address and Instagram username. Facebook Tab

Increase Revenue

Socialite’s integration with Facebook Audiences allows you to leverage your pre-existing lists and segments within Bronto to target or exclude consumers who see your Facebook ads. This lets you target those consumers who are most likely to be interested in your ad, increasing your likelihood of a click-through and purchase, while reducing your overall ad spend. And who doesn’t love spending less and making more? The same goes for the integration with Instagram Shopping, which lets you build targeted lists of consumers who have expressed interest in specific posts by using custom campaign tags when commenting on those posts, making them more likely to purchase whatever it is your posting about.

Instagram ShoppingGain Visibility

If you’re concerned about how to quantify these benefits, stop worrying! We’ve got plenty of reporting right in the app to give you immediate and ongoing visibility into how you’re doing.  You can see how successful your Facebook Tabs, Twitter Cards and Instagram Shopping have been at driving views and submissions, including a breakdown by contact status to show you how many new contacts you are gaining. And you’ll have insight into the revenues, orders and conversion rates you’re driving from emails triggered by your Instagram Shopping tag campaigns. Socialite reportingBut simply offering more products to your customers via social media doesn’t automatically mean you’ll make more money. As with all forms of marketing, you must think through your social media strategy and the best ways to leverage Socialite, especially in combination with your other marketing efforts. Bronto can help with this, too. For more information, take a look at the services available from our amazing professional services team.

Want to take better advantage of social media to drive list growth and revenue? Thanks to Bronto, getting started has never been easier. Contact your account manager today, and you’ll be wearing fancy hats, driving expensive cars and attending the biggest parties around the world in no time!