An exciting feature set we've added to Bronto is the re-design of many of the tables throughout Bronto. These new table options have already appeared on some tables, and will be available throughout the whole application shortly. I would like to take a moment and go over these new table options and how they can benefit you in your Bronto account.


The new table options are located on the far right side of the header row bar on top of the tables in Bronto.  If you navigate to Contacts->Lists for example, there will be three new icons in this table; Choose Visible Columns, Download Table Data, and Refresh.

Choose Visible Columns

The choose visible columns option allows you to show or hide certain columns in the table you are viewing. Clicking this button opens a light box allowing you to customize the table view to only display the information you need to see, and hide data that is unimportant.

Download Table Data

The download table data button allows you to download the data contained in the table in a variety of formats. Clicking this option opens a light box allowing you to choose from formats such as CSV, TSV, XML, and Excel/XLS.  You can also download the current page that is displayed or a full export of the entire table (all lists for example).  Keep in mind that this report is only a download of the data contained in the table. So, for example, if you choose to download a report for the table on the All Lists page, it will only display the list data contained in the table, and not the tracking data for messages sent to the lists.


The refresh button allows you to refresh the data displayed on a page for that particular table. For example, if you have added a new segment and it's not displaying yet in the table, you can click the refresh button to reload the table data.

We are excited to offer you these new features and you can continue to look for them to appear on every table of the Bronto application in the very near future.

Rob Slade
Client Support Specialist