As more retailers embrace the potential of native mobile apps to deliver an exceptional experience for their customers on the go, marketers are looking for ways to incorporate these apps into their broader omnichannel strategy – and linking from an email to specific content within an app is a natural next step. The problem with normal web links, though, is that they don’t work with native mobile apps. If customers click a normal web link in an email while on a mobile device, they’re directed to the retailer’s website in the mobile browser, even if the app is installed on their device. This creates a fragmented user experience and leads the buyer off the path to purchase. Deep links solve this problem. And thanks to our new integration with Branch Metrics, creating deep links within the Bronto Marketing Platform is now available.

What Are Deep Links?

Deep links are essentially URLs that direct a user to specific content inside a website or app. Deep Linking by Branch allows retailers to include URLs in their marketing emails that link directly to their mobile app content.

Unlock Your App’s Marketing Potential 

Aside from directing users to a specific spot in the app, deep linking also helps retailers acquire new users. If a user has not installed the app, they’re sent to the app store to download it and then directed to the original destination in the app, removing the friction caused by a new user having to head to the app marketplace on their own. Through Branch's universal linking standard, deep links can also be used for additional acquisition initiatives, such as search ads, display ads or mobile install banners, on any mobile platform and OS. Additionally, you can look to deep linking to increase the ROI of your mobile app. Since building and maintaining mobile apps can be quite costly, it’s important to make sure that as many of your customers as possible are using your app to make purchases. Finally, deep linking can provide a significant boost to customer retention and engagement. Since existing app users prefer to shop on the app when on a mobile device, deep links will take them directly where they want to go without having to search for it. As a result, customers are more engaged with the brand, and you as a retailer are able to better control the mobile user experience. How Deep Linking Works Within Bronto  Bronto’s integration with Branch makes it very simple to convert normal web links in your emails to deep links. Both static and dynamic content support deep links for images, buttons and textual hyperlinks in the emails. Simply click the Create Deep Link for Mobile Apps checkbox that appears once the feature is enabled. Additionally, deep links are supported when emails are coded in HTML as well as emails that are created via the Bronto API. Deep Linking Checkbox

Retailers who want to implement deep linking must sign up with Branch for it to work with the Bronto Marketing Platform. To get started with deep linking in Bronto, visit Branch for more information on setting up your app integration. Take the first step toward making the most of your mobile app today.