Every holiday is an opportunity for retailers to connect with shoppers, and Easter is no different. About 60% of Easter shoppers plan to purchase gifts, and half plan to buy clothing for the holiday, according to Easter shopping research by the National Retail Federation. These shoppers will be happy to see your Easter promotions and discounts in their inboxes. More than 25% of Easter shopping takes place online, presenting opportunities to:
  • Increase online conversions
  • Engage with your audience
  • Drive traffic to your physical stores
Even if running an Easter campaign is off-brand, you don’t have to forego the seasonal opportunity — just shift the focus to Spring. Easter emails to inspire (and drive revenue) Below are a few favorite Spring and Easter emails to help inspire your own email templates. Promote free shipping From a coupon code to the flower emoji and content, this Pottery Barn offer is clear and upfront, making it easy for the shopper to act. Easter Subject Line: ? Happy Easter! See what's in your basket...25% off 1 item + Free Shipping! Say hello to your customers This was just a friendly hello from retailer Jack Rogers. No special offers or emojis, just a chance to connect with their shoppers and remind everyone that . Easter Subject Line: Happy Easter From Jack Rogers! Drive traffic to stores Pottery Barn Kids makes it clear in the subject line that this was about Easter, making good use of emojis, capitalization, and a relevant pun to drive traffic for online and physical stores with a bit of urgency. Easter Subject Line: ? Did some bunny say Easter? 25% OFF our Easter shop in stores & online – this weekend only! Start early Crazy 8  kids’ clothing retailer sent their coupon three weeks before Easter, which is enough time for parents considering Easter outfits to prepare — and a steep discount of 50% is enticing no matter the season. Easter Subject Line: ? 50% Off EVERYTHING. Thanks, Easter Bunny! Create urgency Overstock.com took the approach of creating urgency. Their email stood out because it hit inboxes well after the flood of other holiday emails. Easter Subject Line: 48 Hours Left! The Easter Savings Event Is Almost Over!  Some final considerations When planning your Easter email marketing, remember that you don’t have to sell candy or pastel-colored clothing to benefit from the holiday. Create it using your usual template and choose a catchy Easter email subject line with a few ???. In case you need some further content ideas, you can try:
  • Showing your subscribers how to incorporate your products into their celebration.
  • Creating Spring and Easter-themed content for your website and social media that you can cross-promote in your email campaign.
  • Creating a secret promo code, which can be used by a certain number of subscribers.
There are plenty of ways to work Easter into your email campaigns with a bit of storytelling and out-of-the-box thinking.