Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle + Bronto Guest: Matt Sutor, Director of Marketing and Communications, Durham Bulls Baseball Club The Durham Bulls, an iconic baseball club, has come a long way since Nuke and Crash put them on the map. But like all sports clubs today, they face many of the same challenges as your favorite retailers. How can you drive more sales through digital channels while providing an exceptional consumer experience? Retailers can actually learn quite a few lessons from these sports teams on how to market to and engage your customer/fan base. In this episode of The Commerce Marketer Podcast, I sat down with Matt Sutor, director of marketing and communications for the 2017 Triple-A National Champion Durham Bulls, to discuss how they use digital marketing channels to drive ticket and merchandise sales, and how those efforts relate to the game-day fan experience. We also attempt to answer the age-old question, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” And I’d like to throw out a first pitch, but I need your help. Let’s make this happen! You’ll also hear about:
  • How the Bulls use email marketing on a daily basis.
  • The marketing tactics that work well for both retailers and sports teams.
  • Why good email metrics can sometimes be a hindrance.
  • Why authenticity in social media is essential for the brand.
  • The challenges they face when it comes to digital marketing.
  • How the Bulls market to millennials and digitally-native fans.
  • The process behind creating theme nights at the park.
  • How listening to their customers led to new Bulls uniforms.

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