Contacts are at the core of the Bronto Marketing Platform, so it’s important that we offer the most efficient and reliable way for you to add new contacts to your account. Here are a few of the latest enhancements that make the process even better:

Faster Imports

Earlier this month, we introduced the improved contact import system. Whether you choose to manually upload your contacts or use the Direct Import feature, you can expect to import your contacts 5 to 10 times faster than before. And we all know that the quicker they’re in the system, the sooner you can start marketing to them.

More International Support

Internationalization is proving to be an increasingly important priority for many organizations. To accompany you in your growth, Bronto now supports five additional character sets: UTF-16, UTF-16 (Big Endian), UTF-16 (Little Endian), Latin 1 and ASCII. Character sets specify how special characters, letters and numbers are encoded. By being able to select the character set, you ensure that the information used to personalize your message will be displayed accurately. For example, if you run a campaign in Canada, having the right character set ensures that Québec does not show up as Québec. For every single import, you can now select the character set for your file. Select Character Set In some cases, you may not know the character set that was used for your file. If that’s the case, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Simply select “I don’t know my character set” from the dropdown, and the system will try the two most common character sets. It will first run the file as UTF-8. If the file appears not to follow the UTF-8 encoding pattern, it will be interpreted as Latin-1. And if you want a sanity check, you can see how your contacts are stored by going to Tables > Manage > Special Reports > Report on all new onboarding contacts. You can also select the character set for your direct imports, but you don’t have to. If you have existing direct imports, they will continue to work as they used to – only faster. Isn’t that swell? We hope you’re excited about these new enhancements and the effect they’ll have on the efficiency and accuracy of your contacts. Stay tuned for more updates!