Bronto recently unveiled a new drag-and-drop Message Editor and has made it available to all Bronto users through Bronto Labs. We hope you have had the opportunity to check it out!

Here’s a little more info about the new editor’s features and how you might use them to build more engaging messages, personalized for each recipient. We’ll first highlight the new Dynamic Content system.

Adding dynamic content to your message is now easier and more powerful than ever. Take a look at the sample message below. This example includes space for a blog post or article, and the message has been set up to deliver a post about the Bronto 5K race sponsored by Bronto’s Active Committee. But what if our account includes segments of subscribers that have expressed interest in our other committee updates? Perhaps those that noted an interest in our Community group would not be as engaged with my message as they could be. Message Editor With the new Message Editor, making a message more dynamic and relevant to its recipients only takes a few clicks. Choose the Dynamic icon at the top of the container, and then select your criteria in the sidebar.

Now go right back to designing your message and creating the dynamic content for each segment. Here you can see three versions of the content based on the preferences we collected from our subscribers. If no particular interest was indicated in their preferences, the message will populate with the third piece of content, which is more general. Dynamic Content

The block that was once a static piece of content has now been customized for each of my relevant segments and will be much more engaging and appealing to everyone who receives it.

Our goal with the new Message Editor is to help our users create and deliver the most engaging and personalized content possible, and we plan to add more new features soon. Look for upcoming posts about our new Smart Content features for Order and Cart data, as well as API Loops and more!

Have you tried the new Message Editor? Tell us what you think with a comment below. We're always listening!