Lifecycle Messages to Maximize Revenue, I noted that these messages require a one-time setup, and a regular refresh schedule. Once set up, they easily drive revenue and engagement. Now, let’s discuss a specific lifecycle message.  Drumroll please ... It’s a lapsed purchase message! Lapsed purchase messages target customers who have not purchased from you in a period of time (60 days, 90 days, 180 days) in attempt to win them back. This group should be familiar with your business and hopefully have had a previous pleasant experience with your company. The goal is to get them to purchase again, and also to encourage them to share their positive experience with their friends. Getting back these past purchasers is an easy way to keep growing your customer base! I recommend implementing an automated group of lapsed purchase messages. What content should be included in these messages? Let’s discuss some potential themes you can center your messages around.

We Miss You

You want these customers to feel appreciated, so make that your focal point. Tell them you appreciate their business and reward them with a “special loyalty customer” coupon they can use on their next order.  Within this message you want to have a clear call to action so they can continue to shop on your site. You also want to include other products that might entice them to purchase. Check out this email example from They made their non-purchasers feel special by offering a 15% discount, “For the shoppers we miss the most.” Smart Bargains

Customer Favorites

What your customers think about your brand and what they are saying about your products can be very powerful when engaging others to buy, so highlight your customer favorites or top-rated products within this email. It’s a very simple message, but one that can have a big impact!

Tempting Offer

To maximize the potential of this message, offer your best incentive. These customers need to feel valued. Check out the below example from JCPenney. JC Penny When working with clients I witness some awesome success metrics. Some lapsed purchase series metrics I have seen include: a 6% increase in total revenue; a 240% in RPE; and an 80% increase in AOV. The proof is in the pudding! Those numbers should inspire you to implement a lapsed purchase series. If you have already run one, I would love to hear how it is performing for you. Please share your story below!]]>