On June 30th, Gmail made changes to the way they display sender information in the headers of messages delivered to their email service. They are now displaying authentication data to the recipient. For more information on the technical details behind this change, please see the Google article on the change by clicking here. In short, some emails are now displaying a note after the from address that looks like the following:

What this means for Bronto Clients?

Bronto clients that do not have private domains and who use Sender Authentication for their messages will see 'via bronto.com' appended to their from addresses in gmail. Clients that do not have a private domain who also do not use Sender Authentication for their messages will see 'via bounce.bronto.com'.

Most Bronto clients using private domains will see their current private domain information appended, like 'via email.yourdomain.com', however clients on older private domains will still see 'via bronto.com' due to changes in how authentication was set for private domains.

White labeled Agency accounts will see their current white labeled domain in the 'via' field in gmail.

What can be done about this?

There are a couple of ways that Bronto can help with changing the 'via bronto.com' messaging that will appear to gmail contacts.  First, we can assist you with getting set up on a private domain.  For more information on going that route, please see our previous Brontoversity post 'Private Domains at Bronto.'  Switching to a private domain will not only allow you to define how you want the authentication to be displayed in gmail, but will also allow you to control your own domain reputation, which is a plus for many marketers.

In addition, your technical team can add our range of sending IPs to your SPF record to ensure that Bronto has authorization to send on behalf of your domain. To get our IP range, please open a support case in the application using the support link in the upper right hand corner of the Bronto app.   Just request the IP range and a support representative will gladly provide it.

If you have any questions on how this new Gmail functionality may affect sends to your gmail recipients, please open a support case using the Support link in the upper right of the application.

Lucas Weber
Bronto Support Services