Earlier this month, I was doing my routine sweep of my Gmail Spam folder. I found a legitimate email that was incorrectly tagged as Spam. This post is not to criticize Gmail for the false negative. I understand that it happens every so often (rarely with Gmail). In fact, I think Gmail is one of the best web clients when it comes to identifying Spam.

However, when I opened the email, I noticed an alert I had never seen before.

After clicking on the blue "Learn more," I was directed to a Gmail help page titled, "Messages asking for personal information." Gmail provides a clear, concise explanation of what phishing and/or spoofing is, including a YouTube video on how to detect phishing. They introduce their new service, "designed to alert Gmail users to messages that appear to be phishing attacks." Finally, the Gmail Team outlines several steps to protect users against "fraudsters."

I've loved Gmail even since I received the "coveted" invite from a friend. That was back when Gmail was in Beta. Oh wait...they still are in Beta. Either way, it is great to see that Gmail is not only identifying (and filtering) messages they deem as spam, are also trying to prevent and educate their users on phishing emails. Well done, Google. Between this initiative and your Google Flu Trends, I'd say you are doing good work. Keep innovating.

Has anyone seen this before? Please email examples to dj@bronto.com.

DJ Waldow
Director of Best Practices & Deliverability at Bronto