What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. With Bronto Summit as the backdrop, we’re excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Golden Bronto Awards. The Golden Brontos recognize our amazing customers and partners for their outstanding commerce marketing achievements, and this year, the competition was fiercer than ever. Entries were judged by industry leaders and experts, with every winner demonstrating exceptional creativity, adaptability and ingenuity. “The Golden Bronto Awards recognize outstanding achievement in commerce marketing. This year, the bar was higher than ever, due to the impressive submissions, and it was challenging for the judges to select winners," said Bronto General Manager, Carolyn Sparano. “It’s an honor to recognize these partners and customers for their new campaigns and tremendous results over the last year." Without further ado, here are the winners:

Customer Categories

Marketing Program of the Year: Annie Selke After a successful 2015 that earned it a Golden Bronto for the Best Abandoned Cart Campaign, multifaceted home goods provider Annie Selke embarked on an ambitious marketing program for 2016, merging its four retail brands into one and seamlessly integrating its various marketing campaigns to facilitate a single, cohesive consumer experience. The successful integration, supported by a revamped, Bronto-powered email marketing strategy, helped Annie Selke:
  • Improve its overall B2B revenues by 35% and email-driven B2B revenues by 64% YOY.
  • Increase its overall B2C revenues by 48% and email-driven B2C revenues by 81% YOY.
In 2016, Annie Selke also launched its first retail catalog, which allowed shoppers to easily browse and buy from the prominently displayed hero images. It also debuted a new “Happy Home Day” promotional holiday and ramped up its customer reviews process – both with great results. “We’re honored to have been chosen for Bronto’s Marketing Program of the Year,” said Kaylie Bruno, email marketing specialist at Annie Selke. “Through a spirit of collaboration and creativity, we work hard as a team to build successful, engaging marketing campaigns, and are beyond delighted to win this award!” Best Abandoned Cart Campaign: The Block Shop  As a homewares ecommerce store, it’s The Block Shop’s mission to bring a sense of celebrity into people’s everyday lives. Because of its association with popular Australian reality television shows, such as “The Block,” the brand attracts an extremely high volume of traffic but was experiencing lower-than-desired conversions. To remedy that, The Block Shop set up a series of automated abandoned cart campaigns to target users who left the site, including a reminder (no discount) message, a “You Might Miss Out” campaign and a 10% discount offer. Before the campaigns were deployed, The Block Shop’s conversion rate was roughly .44%. With the implementation of its cart abandonment series, The Block Shop dramatically increased its conversions, with each campaign enjoying tremendous success.
  • Reminder (no discount) conversion rate: 14.9%
  • “You Might Miss Out” conversation rate: 10.9%
  • 10% discount offer conversion rate: 10.9%
“At The Block Shop, we are absolutely thrilled and honored to be recognized for our work with Bronto through our cart abandonment campaign,” said Emma Garland, director at The Block Shop. “This series of emails is a highly effective tool in converting customers who have added products to their cart but haven’t gone through with the purchase.” Most Successful Campaign: Annie Selke In addition to the best overall marketing program, Annie Selke earned the 2017 Golden Bronto for Most Successful Revenue Campaign. The retailer won for retooling its welcome series. Annie Selke made several strategic adjustments to its welcome series. First, they added a coupon to its first message, giving each consumer a unique offer and code. The company also changed the email subject lines to address the coupons and replaced the fourth email in the series with a coupon reminder. As a result, Annie Selke’s welcome series produced 259% more revenue than the previous year, along with an 89% better conversion rate (5.93% compared with 3.14% in 2015). The retailer promoted the welcome series coupons with a footer on its website and pop-up lightboxes, which incentivized subscribers and added 116,066 contacts to its mailing list – 233% more than it added in 2015. Two Golden Brontos in one year is no small feat. Naturally, the team at Annie Selke was overjoyed. “Thank you for choosing us for this year’s Most Successful Revenue Campaign,” Bruno says. “We have worked collaboratively, creatively and innovatively to optimize [the welcome series] for winning results.  It’s an honor to be recognized by Bronto for our efforts!” Best Integration Success: Entertainment Magpie  Entertainment Magpie helps consumers quickly make money from their used CDs, DVDs, games, books and other tech gear. The company operates as musicMagpie in the UK and as Decluttr in the US, which initially created some challenges for the company as customer data was fragmented across multiple platforms and inaccessible to the marketing team. To solve this issue, Entertainment Magpie used data warehousing and mining tool Pentaho to consolidate its data and then integrated it into the Bronto Marketing Platform using Bronto’s Data Loader. As a result, the company was able to re-establish and maintain an ongoing understanding of its customers so that its marketing efforts were optimized and more likely to convert. For example, it sent tailored offers to a select group of customers on Black Friday that achieved a 24% click rate and 18% conversion rate. The targeted messages generated more revenue than the non-personalized emails it sent to a group of customers that was 20 times larger. “We’re absolutely delighted to be awarded the Golden Bronto for Best integration Success,” said Jason Peters, CRM manager at Entertainment Magpie. “All the hard work on both sides has clearly paid off. Big thanks go to our account team, the Bronto tech team and our internal tech teams at musicMagpie and Decluttr both here and in the UK. We’re looking forward to using Bronto to develop new campaigns and improving our email marketing results even further!”

Partner Categories

Thought Leadership Champion: Custora Custora, the customer analytics platform that wrote the book on customer loyalty – they literally wrote a book – offers advanced segmentation and cross-channel audience targeting to help brands with customer acquisition and retention. To be as resourceful and beneficial to clients as possible, the company provides thought leadership via a wide range of platforms:
  • “One and Not Done – Leveraging Customer Data to Address the One-Time Buyer Problem,” a book loaded with over 100 pages of insights for overcoming the common challenge of one-time customers.
  • Customer University, a web portal with online course work and marketing materials.
  • Customer Analytics for Retail Marketers (CARMA), Custora’s first thought leadership conference, which attracted over 100 senior ecommerce and marketing leaders.
  • A plethora of blogs and white papers, and even a playful viral music video for a love song between the VP of merchandising and the VP of marketing – as sung by sock puppets.
Commerce Playmaker: Shopify Plus Shopify Plus provides an ecommerce platform for over 2,500 merchants in 61 countries. It’s relentless in initiating and participating in thought-provoking themes, such as taking on Amazon, or hosting events, such as a recent gathering for beauty product customers to talk about selling cosmetics online. Its platform is equipped with integrations into most enterprise-grade technologies, including NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and as of 2016, Apple Pay and Facebook Messenger (which was used by over 30,000 merchants). As the ultimate connector, it’s appropriate that Shopify Plus hosts one of the biggest partner events of the year, Shopify Unite. This conference facilitates learning and collaboration among agencies, app developers, theme designers, web designers, technology partners and marketing professionals from all around the world. The company also co-hosts regular roundtables, panel discussions, Q&As and dinners with partners. Shopify Plus also supports and powers a wide variety of influential and high-profile pop-up shops around the world, including those in 2016 for Kylie Jenner, ComplexCon, The Weeknd, Big Sean, Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Apparel and Tony Robbins’ Build a Bigger Business