Bronto partners with leading ecommerce companies to extend our power to the rest of the ecommerce ecosystem and enable a more complete lifecycle marketing solution. To get to know some of our partners in a unique way, Bronto Europe invited eight of our 75 partners in the UK to showcase their products. The concept was simple … very much like a fun speed-dating event. In several short sessions, these companies shared more their products and how well they work with the Bronto Marketing Platform. Here's the quick low-down on all eight partners. Ready? Set your timer. GO!

Movable Ink

Personalised images in email - that's what Movable Ink can do. Marketers can "market in the moment" with targeted images to the customer. It uses data from demographics, behavior and real-time information. Key takeaway? We saw how a holiday company used real-time information to entice the customer to purchase a getaway. Using geo-location, the consumer received an email with two GIFs – the current weather of their location (a rainy London), and the current weather of a location they have browsed (a very sunny, hot Orlando). Awesome! Ring that bell! Time for Round 2


With tons of big-name customers, this powerful online merchandising solution allows customers to replicate an in-store experience by combining visual merchandising, site search and recommendations. Key takeaway? A "no matches found" search doesn't exist with ATTRAQT. If you search: "Blie Shurte", it will pick up the spelling and recommend blue shirts! Also, typing "Blue Shirt" will refine your search to only show that product, not "blue" or "shirt" items. How are we doing for time?


You want a dress but don't know which size you need, so you buy your usual size, plus one size bigger and smaller. You end up paying for three but returning two and waiting weeks for a refund. Enter Klarna. Having taken the Swedish market by storm, Klarna allows you to purchase online but pay 14 days later. You can buy the dress in three sizes and return the two you don’t need with no need for a refund. Win! Key takeaway? Klarna's solution is so unique, it's been named 8th most disruptive company by CNBC, meaning that the "Buy Now – Pay Later" methodology could one day become the future of payments.


Certona takes recommendations to a new level. It follows customer website journeys and recommends items based on browsed items and past purchases. It can even combine two items you've purchased into a relevant recommendation for other products! For example, you buy some trainers and a yoga mat – why not buy some sportswear for a yoga class? Key takeaway? Going beyond the website, it works for both call centres and in-store to increase upselling. With some companies still using "traditional" selling methods, Certona personalises customer experience on all levels. We’re halfway there!

POQ Commerce

Only five years old, these guys are pretty new to the game – but they sure don't show it! POQ creates bespoke commerce apps that follow intelligent, customer journeys and allow the retailer to update it without the high costs. Key takeaway? POQ revolutionised mobile commerce with "Missguided" to create a Tinder-esque experience. Swipe left if you love the outfit, swipe right if it's not your thing.


Fake reviews are illegal, yet a recent study revealed that 20% of all reviews were fake. Feefo is here to abolish this. It's simple: You buy a product, and a few weeks later, you are invited to leave a review. Feefo is trusted because only genuine customers can write reviews, and negative reviews can't be deleted. Key takeaway? 89% of consumers are influenced by reviews, so with such a large number of fake reviews on the Internet, it can be damaging to businesses.


It wouldn't be a partner event if we didn't invite NetSuite along! NetSuite offers the whole package for retailers, whether that's warehouse management, ERP or financial. Combine their offerings with Bronto to create even more targeted messages. Key takeaway? Netsuite is the UK's #1 Cloud Business Software Suite, used by over 30,000 organizations. Amazing! And the last one ...


Nosto uses algorithms, customer profiling and revenue optimization to create amazing recommendations. Leveraging big data, the platform builds an understanding of the store and every visitor interacting with it. These guys want to make online shopping more enjoyable, and their solution? A personalized shopping experience. Key takeaway? Nosto can be installed on Magento within 30 minutes! At the time of writing this blog, Nosto has generated 10,204,851,625 personalized recommendations! Stop the timer! Eight partners later, and I felt very well-informed on how they work and how they complement the Bronto platform. The highlight of my day? Nosto gave a quiz to see how much we had learned from their session, and I won! Not only did I get 10/10 correct, I got a drone! I won't "drone" on about it, but in the picture below, I was feeling pretty "fly."

Jake wins!

We had a great time hearing from these valuable partners. For a full partner directory, check out our website, and explore our partner program to learn how we help our mutual customers do more.