Great news for all Bronto users! We’ve replaced the Help and Learning Center with a new context-sensitive online help system to help you quickly and easily find the information you need. The new help includes improved topic navigation, with content on every click, and robust search functionality. New Help SystemNow, from any page in the Bronto Marketing Platform, you can click the Help link to quickly access the online help topics that are most relevant to the platform page you’re on.

More Content, Improved Navigation

When you click Help, the online help system opens in a new window. In the Table of Contents, or TOC, the title of the topic you’re on is green, so you can easily scan the topics before and after the current topic for related content. Help System 1Not only have we added help content for all of the newest features in the platform, we’ve made the existing help content easier to find. Before, only the highest-level topics were visible in the TOC and you had to scroll through all of the content on a help page to find the topic you were looking for. The new online help system’s TOC contains every available topic, and each topic has its own dedicated page. This lets you quickly scan for content instead of hunting for it. Additionally, in the old TOC, topics with an expand button were simply navigational and did not contain help content. But now, you can click any title in the TOC to view useful information. Or, if a topic has an expand or collapse icon, you can click just the icon to show or hide related topics without viewing the full content.

Better Search

With so much more content in the TOC, being able to do a quick search that returns thorough and accurate results is even more important, so we updated our search tool, too! In the old system, a list of results would appear as you began typing in the search box, and the search would go away when you clicked on a result. Now when you type your search terms in the search box and either click the Search button or press Enter/Return on your keyboard, the relevant topics are displayed in the left pane. Unlike the old search, the updated search results include every topic that contains the words you searched for.

Note: Search ignores words like “a,” “the,” “or,” and “and,” so there’s no need to type full phrases.

Help System 2Click on any topic title in the results to view that topic. To return to the TOC, click the TOC tab and the TOC will automatically expand to show the title topic you selected from the search results. And there’s no longer a need to search for the same term again because if you click back on the Search Results tab, the results of your last search are still there!

Help System 3For more tips about using Bronto’s new online help system, view our Online Help Tips. Please Note: You must be logged into the Bronto Marketing Platform to view the online help system.