If possible, try to build/enable some kind of interactive element within the new site and motivate exploration with prizes like gift certificates, special savings or "Win Your Wishlist" offers. This can often be done by strategically placing a specific graphic (like a brand mascot or related item) throughout the site and creating a hunt for that graphic, like Blair's did in this non-relaunch message. Bobbi Brown smartly encouraged folks to interact directly with a new site feature in this relaunch message from last year. People who submitted a review were entered to win $450 in makeup.

2. If you cannot develop special interactive elements for the launch, minimally offer exclusive deals or a site-wide sale/promotion in its celebration to inspire subscribers to take a look.

3. Develop an email message that focuses solely on the new site launch and any coinciding promotions. Don't forget to outline all the exciting new features and benefits.   For tons of creative inspiration, check out The Retail Email Blog's library of relaunch messages.

3. Use the subject line to explicitly encourage folks to check out the new site and announce your special promotion or contest opportunity. Examples: "Explore our new site & win big!", "Celebrate our new site with 20% off today", "Save 15% and check out our new tools", "Win your wish list when you explore our site!"

4. If you have a contest or a promotion that lasts for a period of time, this enables you to do a two-part campaign on the new site -  first, the announcement and then a last chance reminder.

5. You may want to highlight the new site in some detail within your next general email.

6. Consider including brief secondary messaging about the new site for a period of time.

What have been some of the best relaunch messages you've seen? Have you had any major successes to share? Let us know!