Commerce marketing automation gives you the power to communicate in a highly personal way with, quite literally, millions of consumers at a time. But it is practically impossible for a human to analyze this flood of data to produce subject lines that cut through the noise day in and day out.

If you use A/B split testing to optimize language across a large population, you’re dealing with a lot of variables and only a couple of opportunities to test your approach.

Cognitive content can yield better results because it considers the way people perceive and understand your messages. Cognitive content platforms provide you with content that engages your target audience on a much deeper level than online marketing writers can do. They use data, machine learning and natural language processing to identify the most effective marketing content. The commerce marketers we work with to automate content have seen an average lift of nearly 50% in conversion across web, email, mobile display and Facebook.

How it Works

You provide information about your message and your cognitive content platform deconstructs and analyzes the language for you. Then, it finds relevant campaigns in its knowledge base and analyzes data points across words, phrases and emotions to generate campaign-specific language with proven appeal.

The best platforms create millions of possibilities, then choose and test a representative sample of variations for you, to identify words and phrases that best engage shoppers. You get data-proven content to use across your paid and earned campaigns.

Here are a few benefits of using a cognitive content platform to generate commerce messages.

Discover Language That Inspires Your Audience

This is vital to getting people to read your content, buy your products and love your brand. Language has the power to trigger emotions, and emotions have the power to drive action.

Create Copy for Subject Lines

Exclusive discount? Last-minute flight deal? Staff picks? Using a cognitive content platform makes it easier to choose a great subject line. We have found that, based on thousands of experiments, a great subject line can boost sales conversions by as much as 68.6%.

Apply Your Unique Brand Voice

You can adjust the language and tone or ask the application to regenerate other messages. Essentially, you are teaching the platform what works for you, and it tells you what is likely to have the best results with your audience.

Get Smarter

If you’re using the right cognitive content platform, it will become smarter about your audience as more data becomes available, which makes it easier for you to craft messages that convert.

Curious to see how you can start automating content generation to boost your revenue? To run a Persado experiment in Bronto, simply add the Persado Connect Chrome Extension on your browser and plug in your API key. Afterward, you can push experiments into Bronto and see the analysis in the Persado Go interface. Contact your Bronto Account Manager to arrange for a free trial.