Did you know Bronto’s engineering team releases enhancements and/or new features almost every week? That’s great, but how do you keep up with these updates? It’s easy to stay informed – simply spend a few minutes reading What’s New every Thursday morning! To read What’s New, click on the What’s New link in the banner of the platform. This opens the What’s New area in the customer knowledge base. Here, we cover everything from the biggest, new platform features to the smallest updates. Content is organized by week and month and goes back three years. So not only can you know what’s new this week, you can find out everything Bronto has released every month since December 2014. What's New Want to know more about something you see in What’s New? Simply click a link to learn everything about a new feature or update. What’s New is updated every Thursday with a list of what the engineering team delivered that week. If it’s in What’s New, it’s available and ready for you to use. Check back each week so you can always be up-to-date and get the most out of everything new Bronto has to offer.