Being able to incorporate accurate details from your product catalog and customer orders into your messaging is vital for many successful marketing campaigns. To support this powerful, timely, and personalized communication with your customers, it’s important to get this information into Bronto. And we offer a number of ways to accomplish this goal: file-based imports, JavaScript snippets to capture order information from your website, and now a REST API to collect these details directly from your system of record.

You can use Bronto’s Order Service REST API to bring in, update, or delete carts and orders.  Even if you're already using the JavaScript solution, you can gain valuable pieces of information through the REST API integration. For example, any orders that come in via channels other than the website aren’t seen by the JavaScript, but they can be added to Bronto via the API. Additionally, even after an order is marked “Processed” in Bronto, it’s still possible to update the shipping dates and status fields. Then, you can use the Order is Shipped workflow trigger to further communicate with customers on the status of their pending delivery.

With Bronto’s Product Service REST API, you can import a product feed file containing all desired product fields and update products individually as key metrics or details change. For example, you might change a product’s price to keep your marketing perfectly in line with your ecommerce platform.

Getting started with REST API only takes a few steps. Use the client id and secret gathered from the Data Exchange section of Bronto Settings to obtain an access token, and then use that token to GET, PUT and POST your way to more informed marketing campaigns!

For more details, view the full documentation on our Developers site.