At Bronto, we're very serious about permission based marketing. We want to make sure that the people receiving mail from our application actually want to receive it. One of the best ways to ensure this is to have your contacts double opt-in. In this post, I'll be walking you through how to import your contacts as 'unconfirmed' and automatically send them a message that includes an opt-in link. Contacts imported using this method will remain in an unconfirmed status until they click the opt-in link and confirm their desire to receive emails from you.

Step 1:  Prepare Your Message

The first step in sending your contacts a subscription confirmation message is to have your message set up, tested, and ready to go. Creating messages is covered extensively in the online help, and will not be covered in this blog post. Instead, we'll be focusing on making sure that the message we want to send has a Confirmation URL in it so that our contacts have some way to confirm their subscription.

We actually have a Special tag that can be placed on any element in your message, whether it is an image or a simple text link. The Special tag you'll need to use to create a click-able confirmation URL is %%!confirm_url%%. Here is how it would look as part of a text link:

<a href="%%!confirm_url%%"> Click here to confirm your subscription </a>

Step 2: Import Your Contacts

The second and final step is to import your contacts. This can be done just as normal, the only exception is that on the fourth step of the import process, you'll choose to send the contacts a subscription confirmation message, as seen below:

Be sure to select the message you have prepared with the confirmation url link in it. The system will not allow you to select a message that does not have this Special tag in place. Once you've specified which confirmation message to send, fill in the From Name and From Address fields, and then follow the rest of the normal import steps. As the system processes the new contacts into the account, it will automatically send them the confirmation message you specified. The contacts will be imported with a status of 'unconfirmed' and will not be able to receive any further email from your account until they have clicked on the confirmation link in the message they were sent.

That's it! Now all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of a truly opted in list.

Lucas Weber
Bronto Client Services