Here at Bronto, we love to iterate. We deploy software updates hundreds of times a year, all with the goal of making it easier and faster for you to maximize engagement and revenue with the Bronto Marketing Platform. More specifically, we want to simplify the tasks you perform in Bronto and make the platform more efficient, offering the best possible experience for the commerce marketer. Here are a few of our most recent updates:

Easier: “Undo” in Email Message Editor

We continue to improve usability for the Email Message Editor, which is now available for all Bronto users. By now, you’re probably familiar with the new drag-and-drop layout editor, which includes the Containers palette. Containers provide structure for your message. There are six to choose from, depending on how many columns you’d like to have in your email. Our latest enhancement is an “Undo” button to restore a deleted container. If you’ve deleted several containers (in the same session), you can restore them all. This should make building messages a lot easier. Undo ButtonFor more on this feature and the Containers palette, visit Bronto Help.

Faster: New Tracking Service

We recently updated all Bronto sites to a new tracking service. During peak volumes and heavy sending days, such as the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, reports and metrics will now update much faster. Refer to Bronto Help for more info on data retention.

More Commerce-Focused: “Order Is Shipped” Trigger

We continue to invest in our drag-and-drop workflow automation module, and one of the richest areas on the canvas is the menu of triggers. There are many ways for you to trigger a campaign workflow. Now we’ve added one more. The “Order Is Shipped” trigger can be used in two key scenarios:
  • Once a shipping date is assigned to an order, you can create a workflow that notifies the customer that the order is ready to ship, or that it has shipped.
  • You could also use this trigger with a Delay node to create a workflow that sends a follow-up message to a customer after they’ve received an order. The workflow would trigger once the order has shipped, but the message could be delayed by a few days until the order has been delivered.
Order is ShippedFor more info on how to use the “Order Is Shipped” trigger, visit Bronto Help.

Stay Informed

These are just a few recent examples of how we’re continuing to make it faster and easier to drive more revenue with Bronto. For weekly updates on the latest new features and enhancements, click on the What’s New link in the top right of your Bronto application window. To submit or vote on new feature ideas, visit