Often times, when managing your Bronto contacts, you'll want to create a new list for a specific marketing campaign or group of messages. You might have a CSV file full of addresses ready to import into that new list. However, there's a slight problem. Some of those contacts are already on other lists in your account. What's the best way to make sure those contacts get added to the new list, but don't get removed from the others?

Getting To Know Unique Contacts

To answer that question, it's best to understand how Bronto views unique contacts. Whether a contact is unique or not is determined by email address. A single email address is counted as one contact. This is the case no matter how many lists the contact is on. Because of this, adding an existing contact to a new list is actually an update, not an addition.

Importing Contacts

So just how does that apply to your CSV file? During the contact import process, after you've selected your file and clicked Next, you'll see the following screen:

Here, you'll want to choose the default option: "Update existing contacts, Add new contacts," then click Next. On the following screens, choose whether you'd like to inform your contacts of their addition or update, then map any contact fields you have in your file. Once you are done mapping your fields, you'll be asked to choose where to add your contacts: Select the desired list, then click Next again. On the following page, you can choose whether to delete the contacts from any existing lists. If you only want to add them to the new list, just click Next. You can then enter your email address to be notified when the import is complete. After you confirm your selections, click Finish to process your import. Choosing update existing/add new contacts ensures that during an import, an existing contact is updated and included on the list(s) you choose, and a new contact is added to the list(s) you choose. As always, if you have any questions about managing contacts, feel free to post in the comments or open a case from the Support link within your account.

Brad Gurley
Support Associate at Bronto