Many of our early learning experiences – from learning to talk to tying our shoes – are taught through example. As we grow older, we pick up other ways of learning, like reading instructions or lecture education. But it’s a natural instinct, particularly when we’re struggling, to want someone to just show us how to do something. As much as we want to, we can’t turn your local office Bronto into a trainer. But we can create immersive, self-paced educational experiences that will feel like you have someone guiding the way. (If you want to pull your Bronto close while using  interactive learning, we won’t tell anyone.) Interactive learning is a combination of walk-throughs, videos and the occasional knowledge base topic that is designed to provide a complete onboarding experience on an area of the platform. Guide Me On Products, for example: 
  • Shows you how to format your product data feed using videos.
  • Helps you configure Bronto to properly import your data with a step-by-step interactive walkthrough.
  • Tells you how to upload your product data feed for the first time.
  • Helps you see your imported product data with an interactive walkthrough.
  • Shows you how to use product data in email design using a video.

Interactive learning is learning by doing. When you’ve completed the activities in Guide Me On Products, your product catalog will be in Bronto and you’ll have mastered using product data in message design. Best of all, interactive learning materials are designed to be completed in manageable chunks of time. Depending on how much clean up your product catalog needs, you should be able to learn how to – and actually upload – your product catalog in an afternoon! If you’re new to using Bronto, but your company isn’t, you can still use interactive learning to onboard yourself without changing your account. Simply run through a walk-through until you reach the step where you save work and simply close the guide without clicking Save. You can find interactive learning in two places. In the platform, look for Checklists that have a guide map icon.

A checklist is a collection of links to learning materials. Each item in the checklist states what type of learning material it is, states an expected time to complete, and can be launched by clicking on the link.

Currently Bronto has checklists for Account Settings and Products. You can also access interactive learning materials by going to the home page of Bronto’s Knowledge Base and clicking Interactive Learning. Here you’ll find guides, like Guide Me On Products, and a list of all of the walkthroughs we have available. List of  interactive learning available:

  • Setting up your account.
  • Importing and using product data.
  • Using Recommendations.
  • Configuring Order Service.
  • Using Campaigns.
And interactive learning materials for the email message editor, Shopify Connector and contact imports are coming soon. Finally, future Bronto new feature releases will include interactive learning materials so you can quickly onboard yourself and maximize your Bronto experience. We hope that your interactive learning experience feels like there’s a Bronto at your side helping you crush your job. Check it out and let us know what you think and how we can make interactive learning even better.