Today we’re excited to launch Campaigns in Bronto Labs! This feature makes it easy to align your marketing campaigns with your messages in Bronto. Enabling it lets you automate and manage your marketing campaigns and view performance metrics for a specific, defined series of messages that align with your email strategies.

At a high level, Campaigns provides the following:

  • Simple, straightforward management using Bronto’s familiar user interface.
  • Powerful campaign automation via Workflows integration.
  • Quick behavioral segmentation of contacts at the campaign level.
  • Full campaign-level metrics reporting and monitoring utilizing New Reports.

Campaigns is an integral piece of the Bronto Marketing Platform and will play a key role in your Bronto workflows. To get started, navigate to the Messages tab in the main Bronto navigation and select Campaigns. Here, you can quickly and easily create, view and manage your active campaigns in Bronto.

Click Create Campaign and enter a name, type and description for your campaign. Once created and named, the campaign can be associated with any message in your account. It’s that simple!

You can set up campaigns when you create a new message, schedule a delivery or edit email sends in Workflows. However, as a best practice we recommend you create one for each active campaign you’re currently running in Bronto once you enable the feature in your account. The campaigns you create should directly align with your respective email campaigns.

When you create, view or schedule delivery of a message, you’ll notice a new option to select or create a campaign for association. This isn’t required when creating or editing a message, but when scheduling a delivery, you’ll need to make sure there’s a default campaign selected. Once you’ve done that, all future deliveries of the associated message will default to the set campaign unless you change it at a later date.

Note: Campaign association will be carried over automatically if you set the campaign when creating or viewing the message. We recommend this as a best practice.

We’ve also integrated Campaigns into Workflows so you can take advantage of them when automating email sends. In the Workflow Builder, you can set a campaign for an entire workflow or for specific Send Email nodes within it. If you set the campaign at the workflow level, all emails sent through it will be attributed to your specified campaign.

If you want to get more advanced, go for it! Let’s say you set up a workflow that sends three different emails, but each of those messages is part of a separate campaign. Simply select the associated Campaign on each Send Email node. If you’ve already set a default campaign for the messages, it will populate the node-level setting by default when you add the respective message to each node. What about segmentation? We’ve got you covered. Campaigns is now fully integrated into all Email Criteria in the Segment Builder. So you can segment on contacts based on messages sent, opened, bounced, clicked or converted from sent messages that were part of one or multiple campaigns.

Finally, it all comes down to performance. How are your campaigns performing? How are they performing per message? Per delivery? Simply click on the campaign name in the main Campaigns page to view more details. This view displays all metrics, deliveries and messages that are part of your campaign. The beauty of this view is that all metrics are collected and aggregated automatically. From here you can also jump directly to any Delivery or Message Report, in addition to editing messages in the Message Editor. Keep in mind:

  • Campaigns is available for customers who have enabled New Reports. If you’re not using them yet, be sure to request access in Bronto Labs today.
  • Campaigns do not replace Delivery Groups. Both features coexist and can be used together in a wide variety of ways. For basic campaign-level Delivery Groups, Campaigns may be used instead.

That’s all for now, but we’re just getting started! Campaigns is available today in Bronto Labs and is included in your Bronto subscription. Simply log into your Bronto account, navigate to Settings > General > Bronto Labs and click the toggle to enable this feature. You can expect to see frequent enhancements. For assistance, contact Bronto Support or look up Campaigns in Bronto Help.

We encourage you to share feedback on your experience with Campaigns and other Labs features. Visit Bronto Labs today to get started!