We’re excited to announce our latest Demandware integration, the Demandware Connector. It’s developed, supported and enhanced in-house by a dedicated team of Bronto engineers, which means the best possible customer service and support experience for you. It’s our baby!

Demandware Commerce is a highly scalable, cloud-based e-commerce platform that lets you easily design, implement and manage your own customized e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and other digital storefronts. Demandware’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, their vision for highly personalized omnichannel marketing, and their focus on helping retailers innovate and drive more revenue makes them a great fit for Bronto.

Here are some of the new features of the Demandware Connector designed to help you be more relevant and personalized with your email campaigns:

Product Recommendations – Easily insert recommended products, such as cross-sell offers or top sellers, into email messages with either API tags or content tags. Demandware Connector_5 Coupon Management – Include Demandware coupons in Bronto emails, and automatically apply a coupon code to the customer’s shopping session when a visited URL contains a certain query parameter. Add that parameter to links and redemption tracking when you integrate with Bronto’s Coupon Manager app. Demandware Connector_6 Pop-Up Manager Integration – By integrating with Bronto’s Pop-Up Manager app, you can manage multiple versions of pop-up sign-ups, perform A/B testing, and create the exact look and feel you want with a visual editor.

Cart Recovery – Integrate with Bronto’s Cart Recovery app to target cart abandoners with timely, customized messages.

App Interface – You can easily configure the Demandware Connector with an app interface that’s accessible directly from within the Bronto Marketing Platform so you don’t have to toggle back and forth between Bronto and Demandware. Demandware Connector_1Demandware Connector_3Damian Trzebunia (Che-BOON-ya) Product Marketing Manager Bronto Software