At Bronto, we are always striving to address your needs with thoughtful product enhancements. Since launching Dynamic Ribbon in our Pop-Up Manager app in January, we’ve been analyzing its performance and gathering a wealth of customer feedback. That analysis and feedback paved the way for improvements we think you’ll love. The latest release of Pop-Up Manager allows you to customize, integrate and optimize Dynamic Ribbon, including:
  1. Create different desktop and mobile ribbons.
  2. Change the ribbon height.
  3. Specify your desired text size on ribbons.
  4. Preview ribbons on varying screen sizes.
  5. Change the placement location of ribbons on your website.
  6. Change the position of the close link (“X”) on your ribbons.
These new features will help you:
  • Create more eye-catching calls to action.
  • Align ribbon and text size with your website styling.
  • Verify how ribbon would render across devices.
  • Position ribbon to integrate easily with your existing website.
  • Facilitate your targeting efforts.
You can use Dynamic Ribbon to trigger pop-up messages that can boost your list growth with messages that stay pinned to the top of your website and are less intrusive for mobile shoppers. Perhaps one of the best features of Dynamic Ribbon is that visitors can close the pop-up by clicking “X” and re-open it by clicking anywhere on the ribbon. Even if they close the ribbon, it remains on your website so visitors can subscribe later. The ribbon goes away only after the website visitor signs up or closes the ribbon. This gives them more opportunity to interact with your pop-up message. For more information about how to use Dynamic Ribbon, search Bronto Help. If you are interested in our Pop-Up Manager app, contact your Bronto account manager. And be sure to share with us how Dynamic Ribbon is improving your list growth and conversions.