Today we’re taking a big step forward with reporting in Bronto with the launch of New Reports. We rebuilt reporting from the ground up, and it’s available in Bronto Labs, where we launch tested, ready products for early customer access and make frequent enhancements over time. Our goal was simple: Give Bronto customers fast access to insightful reporting metrics and visual trends while ensuring accuracy at every step. New Reports is capable of aggregating billions of inbound marketing-related events every day. That’s a hard number to imagine, so think of it this way: We’re handling millions of events every minute – that’s hundreds of thousands of events per second – and we’re just getting started. The feature is designed to support a much higher level of speed and performance, now and into the future.

New Reports offers:

  • A fresh, fully responsive and intuitive user interface, with simple navigation and filters.
  • Over 30 key metrics you can combine in hundreds of ways.
  • Visualization of date-range and time-series data.
  • Device-level reports for metrics by desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Link-level recency-frequency-monetary (RFM) metrics and heat maps.
New Reports is available today and provides reporting on:
  • Deliveries
  • Messages
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Segments

Each report has multiple tabs, allowing you to view performance overviews, time-series charts, comparisons and vital metrics all under one roof. New device-level metrics allow you to monitor your email performance across desktop, phone, tablet and other devices. With such a large percentage of internet traffic occuring on mobile devices, access to this data is more important than ever.

New Reports give you deep insights across dozens of metrics, for the most comprehensive view of your performance in Bronto. For example, you can view 12 core metrics per device type, for a total of 48 variants in all. That’s a game-changer in commerce, where competition for shoppers’ attention is growing and access to quick insights about campaign success can give you an edge.

New link-level heat maps provide a visualization of the performance of the links in your message – not just by clicks, but by metrics such as revenue, orders, conversions and conversion rate. You can view and compare complete sets of data across multiple links and literally see which areas of your email contribute the greatest revenue to your overall marketing program. At this point, you might be wondering, “How much do I have to pay for this?.” That’s the best part: It’s included in your Bronto subscription. Simply log into your Bronto account, navigate to Settings > General > Bronto Labs and click the toggle to request access. Keep in mind:

  • It can take up to three days to complete your request to enable New Reports. Once it is enabled, you will receive a notification in your Bronto account.
  • New Reports is available for customers on Bronto’s Order Service. If you’re using Advanced Conversions and passing order data through Bronto, contact your Account Manager to plan a pathway to Order Service so you can get started with New Reports. If you're using Advanced Conversions and not passing order data through, simply request access to New Reports and get started.
As with all new features in Bronto Labs, after you enable a new feature, you can expect to see frequent enhancements. For assistance with your Labs feature, contact Bronto Technical Support. We encourage you to share feedback on your experience with Labs features. You’ll receive information about how to do that when you request to enable New Reports in Bronto Labs. Visit Bronto Labs today to get started!