Happy Valentine’s Day! If you struggled to find the perfect gift for that special someone, you’re not alone. Will they love it? Will they hate it? If only you had a personal assistant to recommend the perfect gift. Today, Bronto is pleased to introduce the next best thing, just for commerce marketers. Our newest app, Recommendations Premium, automates personalized product recommendations for busy marketers. One-to-one marketing has arrived. It’s no great mystery. According to Personalization Pulse Check, a 2016 report by Accenture Interactive, two-thirds of consumers said they are more likely to make a purchase in store or online from a retailer that sends them relevant and personalized promotions. Consumers don’t just want personalized content, they expect it. Personalized product recommendations can drive increases in email clicks, conversions and average order values, in many cases by 50% or more. One of Bronto’s earliest adopters of Recommendations Premium has seen higher click-through and conversion rates in just weeks. “Recommendations Premium allows us to automate messages with the highest level of personalization available. These personalized recommendations provide each customer with highly relevant content,” said Caitlin Flemming, CRM Manager for Email at Paul Fredrick MenStyle. With Recommendations Premium, you can take advantage of predictive modeling while leveraging your own business rules to create highly relevant communications that increase consumer engagement and revenue generation. Easily integrate personalized recommendations into your welcome series and weekly promotional emails. Up-sell and cross-sell in your browse and cart recovery messages as well as order confirmation and post-purchase follow-ups. And bring back lapsed purchasers with products picked just for them. What’s at the “heart” of this app?

Customized, so you can focus on revenue.

It’s all about building recommendations that meet your business needs. Choose from a variety of predictive models and other criteria to find the perfect match. Then create your own business rules to ensure products you recommend are in line with your revenue goals. Say you want to target a shopper who recently browsed and ordered a product. You can choose the “bought this, bought that” predictive model to personalize your recommendations. Then, you can layer on your own business rules to support your revenue goals, such as only recommending products above a certain margin or price. Or, you can cross-sell products based on the products in a cart recovery or browse recovery message.

Integrated, so it’s fast and easy for you.

Bronto’s recommendation loop allows you to design the product layout within your message and easily map it to the recommendation. Use the Bronto Message Editor to build your recommendations with the same ease of use you’ve come to expect from Bronto, including drag-and-drop placement and in-line design of product content. No copy and paste of code required.

Relevant, with real-time recommendations for consumers.

Recommendations Premium automates results based on consumers’ real-time browse and order behaviors. You can even recommend products based on the message’s content, such as weekly product promotions or items in a browse recovery or cart recovery message. So whether its Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or just another Tuesday, Bronto’s Recommendations Premium ensures your consumers get highly personalized recommendations. And you get what you’re hoping for: increased consumer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue. You’ll also help your customers find exactly what they are looking for – and, perhaps, a few things they didn’t even know they wanted.  For more information about Recommendations Premium, contact your Bronto Account Manager.