By now, your holiday marketing plan is likely up and running, but with competition at an all-time high, consider a few of these effective strategies from our industry partners to give your efforts an extra boost.

Use Your Post-Purchase Data


Make it as easy as possible for your existing customers to come back and purchase again,” says Robert J. Moore, Head of Magento Analytics. “More than any other prospective customers, you know who these people are and what they like, such as product types, price points, and even what time of day they shop. Use this data to create special promotions and announcements that cost you very little to deliver but can have a major impact on your sales.”

Target Lapsed Customers


“The holidays are the best time to target your lapsed customers,” says AgilOne’s Laura Corbalis. “Identify everyone who hasn’t bought from you in over a year, and send them a holiday-focused ‘We miss you!’ message with a special deal. These customers are familiar with your brand, so sending them something that beckons them back can be a very quick win.”

Beat the Rush


“Because Q4 is holiday-heavy, think about how you can stand out from everyone else in someone's email inbox,” says Wpromote Account Strategist Kimberlee Raymond. “One of the best ways to do this is to email after the holiday, even as much as a week later, with a belated gift or messaging around how it's not too late to snag an offer. You'll reach consumers after everyone else, but you'll probably stand out more because they won't be expecting to see an email like that after the holiday has already passed.”

Automate, Automate, Automate


"Real-time contextual web crops and API integrations will not only save you production time, they allow you to be nimble and create revenue by driving personalized product recommendations at the time of year when your workload is at its greatest,” says Chris Kopyar, associate account director of client experience at Movable Ink. “They will also make you look like a rock star to your peers and leadership teams.” “For example, you want to promote a doorbuster deal, but you have limited quantities. Do you have to create a very broad offer because you don’t have inventory to support a deployment? No! You can use web crops to automatically pull in live inventory, then easily swap out content with a new promotion when the inventory is depleted,” he adds.

Combat Any Roadblocks to Conversion

Blue Acorn

“Think of the number one reason why someone would not jump at your offer, and address it proactively,” says Blue Acorn CEO Kevin Eichelberger. “For last-minute shoppers, that’s likely the fear that their items won’t arrive on time. Help reassure them by clearly defining your shipping timetables and options on your product pages and throughout the shopping funnel. Need more inspiration? Check out the Holiday Marketing Academy for the latest ideas from Bronto and our partners.