When your holiday coupons go out this year, where will they end up? If you’re not careful, the answer could be on RetailMeNot or similar coupon-sharing sites. That means missing out on revenue, and on the value of coupon promotions to build your subscriber list and maximize customer lifetime value. Luckily, the Bronto Coupon Manager makes it easy to stop coupon abuse, track redemption and understand how much revenue you’re getting versus how much you’re giving away. Before the holiday blitz, buckle up your coupon strategy to make sure you’re getting the most out of your incentives this year.

Generate Unique Coupon Codes with the Click of a Button

The Coupon Manager allows you to upload your own coupon codes to associate with a campaign. If you want to get started quickly, though, simply click the Generate Coupons tab and enter the number of codes you need (up to 200,000 at a time). You can also select the character format, code length and a prefix or suffix if you plan on building segments based on redeemed codes. Example 1:

Coupon code example

Example 2:

Coupon code example

Example 3:

Coupon code example

Match Uniqueness to Goals

The Bronto Coupon Manager takes the work out of generating personalized codes. But are you using the right level of uniqueness for your coupon campaign goals? The Coupon Manager allows you to set uniqueness at the Delivery, Message or Contact level.

Coupon uniqueness settings If you’re sending coupons to your VIP customers to build loyalty this season (or capitalize on the self-gifting trend), sending a unique code per contact makes sense. If you’re running a browse recovery or cart recovery series, though, sending a unique code per message will ensure that the customer has a valid code regardless of which message they’re recovered from.

Keep Your Coupons Organized

Do you know which coupons are generating revenue and which are going unused? Use the Campaigns functionality in the Coupon Manager to organize your coupons and get more accurate attribution reporting. Just click the green Create Campaign button to get started.

Coupon create campaign

Campaign reporting makes it easy to see how effective a particular coupon series has been at driving revenue. To track and report on coupon redemption, you need to add the redemption JavaScript snippet to your site – see the Help documentation for more info. If a particular campaign isn’t performing the way you’d like, try adjusting your workflows or content to drive more engagement. The Coupon Manager also offers a number of useful features that can help reduce friction during the redemption process – keep reading to learn more. Coupon campaign report

Just Roll with It

The high volume of promotional emails during the holiday season makes it easy for your coupons to get lost in the shuffle. Fight coupon fatigue and create a sense of urgency by setting a Rolling Expiration Date. Coupon rolling expiration date

This feature allows you to set an expiration date that’s dependent on when the customer first receives the coupon. Send a special coupon that’s only valid for a week, or make your offer even more compelling with a one-day coupon. If you build your coupon image directly in Coupon Manager, you can even display a timer on the coupon itself. Select the Countdown option in the Format drop-down menu and voilà! The Coupon Manager will generate a GIF that you can drop directly into your email via an HTML tag, serving as a timely reminder to your customers each time they open the email.

Coupon countdown format

One-Click Redemption

Between checking off shopping lists, getting the house ready for the in-laws, waiting for the fruitcake to set and all the other myriad tasks that the holiday season entails, it’s no wonder that customers’ time is at a premium. When every minute counts, a few extra seconds can make all the difference. That’s where Auto Apply comes in. The Coupon Manager can generate a URL that will automatically apply the coupon for a customer (if valid) when clicked. You’ll first need to set up the redirect query parameters for coupon codes and invalid coupons in the Configuration tab. Check with your ecommerce platform provider to get the code. Then click the photo icon in the Actions column next to the appropriate campaign in the Coupon Manager dashboard, navigate to the Redirect URL tab and provide a target URL that will pull the code from a query parameter and apply it to the user's cart or session. The Coupon Manager will generate a link that you can use as the link in your message. Coupon redirect URL 

The redirect can be used with either the Bronto-built GIF (including countdown timer) or a custom image, so experiment with design and messaging to see what converts best with your customers. To use a custom image, click the photo icon in the Actions column and paste the static URL for your image in the Image URL field. Coupon image URL

Once you’ve created your coupon, you’ll need to add it to your message. To add a coupon to your message, use an Image element and paste the Image URL from the Coupon Manager in the appropriate field in Image Settings. To take advantage of the Auto Apply functionality, add the generated URL in the Link field. Message image settings

These coupon tips will help you get the most value out of your coupon strategy this year while improving the online shopping experience for your customers. It’s a win-win, and that’s sure to make the holidays a little more cheerful for everyone. If you’re an existing Bronto customer and would like to learn more about Coupon Manager, reach out to your account manager today. If you are currently using Coupon Manager and have technical questions, contact Bronto Support.