With the Holiday season almost here, I wanted to share a few last minute segment examples you can use to target shoppers on your email lists. Here are some ideas on how to build segments based on different contact scenarios.

Purchased Last Year During The Holidays

The first segment we will look at contains any email contact that purchased from you during the holiday time period last year. In order to create this segment, you will need to store a last purchased date that is specific to this time period in your Bronto fields. 

In this segment, we are pulling any contacts that purchased between 11/01/2008 and 12/23/2008.  Since we know these contacts purchased during this time last year, they may be inclined to shop with you again this year.  Sending them a special email might help trigger another purchase.

Last Minute Holiday Offer

Next we are going to take our previous segment one step further and exclude any contact that has purchased in the last month.  This segment can be used for targeting your contacts that purchased last year. You can use this segment to send an extra incentive coupon or discount to earn their business again.  The main difference in this segment is that we are making sure that your contacts that have recently purchased are not going to receive the discount after they have already made their purchase.  Our primary goal is to reduce the number of upset customers who missed out on the extra savings because they have already purchased prior to your email offer. 

We kept the same criteria as we did before, but added in the criteria to exclude anyone that has purchased from you in the last month.

Targeting Contacts With Specific Purchase Amounts

In our last segment example, we are going to specifically target contacts that purchased from you last year, but spent less than a certain dollar amount.  In this example we are going after any contact that spent less than $100 during last year's Holiday season.  You can also customize this segment to target consumers that have spent more than a certain amount (perhaps the big spenders you can count on for extra revenue).  To build this segment, you will have to have a data field in Bronto that reflects an order value total. 

As you can see we are targeting the same group of contacts from the last two segments, but have excluded anyone that spent more than $100 from 11/01/2008 through 12/23/2008.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the near limitless ways you can segment your contacts in Bronto.  Hopefully these segments will show you how to create ways to specifically target your contacts.  Working with a Bronto Email Marketing Strategists can further help you to maximize your email sends and get the most out of your email marketing dollars.

Rob Slade
Client Support Specialist