Before you start researching industry benchmarks, downloading whitepapers and searching through thousands of blog posts to gain more information on email marketing, you NEED to book a trip to Disney World. Yep, go ahead and just let your boss know that you’ll be visiting Disney World for professional development purposes.

Disney’s magic goes well beyond its resorts and parks. Disney does a pretty “magical” job of sending some super relevant email campaigns. Today I’ll discuss just one of those awesome campaigns and the key elements that made it stand out.

1. Precise Timing

My trip to Disney had been booked for several months. I received this email just 10 days before my departure date and it really resonated with me, as I was in full-on planning and preparation mode. Visiting Disney is no small task. You have to map out your daily schedule, plan which parks to attend, make restaurant reservations, book your Fast Passes, etc. When an email came through from Disney with a subject line that read, “About your DISNEY RESORT hotel arrival,” I of course opened it immediately. As I mentioned in my post When to Send: Timing is Everything, there is no magic time and day to send your email campaigns. You must test, analyze, and just plain use common sense.

Precise Timing

2. Standout Subject Line

As I mentioned above, the subject line of this email campaign really stood out in my jam-packed inbox. Not only was it well timed, but Disney marketers followed simple subject lines best practices that we should all keep in mind. The subject line was concise, straight and to the point and the most important information was front and center. It’s interesting that they used all caps for the words DISNEY RESORT. I would like to assume that testing has proved this to be successful. I personally think that the words HOTEL ARRIVAL are more important and relevant to me.

3. Relevant & Engaging Content

We all know that the “batch & blast” method of sending email campaigns is not the best approach. It’s been proven time and time again that by sending more relevant content, you’ll see higher engagement levels and drive more conversions. Disney does a great job of making this email campaign super relevant to me. For example, they use my name for personalization in the body of the email, they showed images and information about the resort that I was staying at, they provided links to information that was super valuable to me as a first-time Disney goer, and they even had a countdown clock that displayed the number of days until my check-in date. Wow, just … wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much personalization and relevant content used in a single email campaign.

Relevant and Engaging

Relevant and Engaging

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.39.09 PM

Relevant and Engaging

4. Upsell / Cross Sell Opportunities

Disney never misses an opportunity to “create more magic” as they say – i.e. help you spend more money. In this email campaign they did a great job of trying to upsell me on additional merchandise. You can’t tell from the screenshot examples here, but this was actually an animated .gif in the email and it rotated between gift packages, events and products. Disney also positioned this nicely in the email between the important information that wasn’t necessarily promotional in nature.

Upsell - Cross Sell

Upsell - Cross Sell

Think you can sell the case to your boss to book a Disney trip? Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll also gain a ton of insight on ALL things related to branding and marketing. No one does it better than Disney!