If you're like a lot of clients, you work very hard on the messages that you send to your subscribers.  You follow best practices and choose your words carefully to avoid common spam filters.  You may even use our Spam Test, which utilizes SpamAssassin. The Spam Test is a simple way to check your message for any words or phrases that are commonly used in spam messages.  Now, there are tons of different spam filters out there, and while our test can't tell you with 100% certainty whether or not you'll be marked as spam by an ISP, it is a good baseline for you to check your messages against.  In this case, the lower the score, the better - 0/100 is ideal.

However, if you have composed your message using a template or our URL feature, you may be suprised when you check the Spam Test and see a score of  anywhere from 20/100 to 40/100.  The unsettling results may look a little something like this: 

Lots of people see this and think they are doomed to the junk folder on delivery. Luckily, there is a quick and easy fix.  Add an alternate text version

More and more spam filters are being configured to watch for both an HTML and a plain text version of a message, as spammers tend to ignore these plain text alternatives.  Adding an alternate text version can make your spam score go from 40 down to 0.

How To Shed That Excess Spam

Adding an alternate text version of your message is simple, and if you use our WYSIWYG editor, we do it for you automatically.   If you do need to add it manually, all you have to do is go to the message preview page and click the 'Create alternate text version' link.  Bronto will give you a default version with simple content that includes a link to the online version of your message.  You can leave it at this, or you have the option of filling in your own text content if you'd like.  Once you are happy with your text version, just click save.  You can see that you have an alternate text version set up by checking for the 'Create alternate text version' link, if it is no longer there, you are all set.  You can also see a preview of your text version by clicking on the Text Preview tab just above the message preview window.

Now it's time to check your score again, where you should see that it has dropped significantly.  

There you have it, one quick step to lowering your spam score.  If you have any questions or any other pesky spam score issues, let us know in the comments or feel free to open a support case in the application.

Lucas Weber
Support Associate at Bronto