For those of you that want to use the API and thought that the only way to do a double opt-in or subscription confirmation message was by using our contact Import tool, this post is for you. Maybe you've been doing a double-option the way Lucas described in How To Send A Subscription Confirmation Message and want to automate that process through the API. There are a few things you'll need to do to ensure that your contacts are required to confirm their subscription before being sent any more marketing messages. Check out the addContacts function if you haven't used our API to add contacts. You will need to add your contacts with a status of unconfirmed. Doing this ensures that only messages that contain the %%!confirm_url%% link can be sent to them. This link allows your contacts to confirm their subscription, i.e. their status will become active and they can be sent any message. So go ahead and make sure that you have a created a confirmation message. The confirm_url is available in the Special Tags dropdown in the WYSIWYG editor or you can add it directly to your html. Now you can schedule this message to be delivered to an unconfirmed contact using the addDeliveries function. The only difference between this and a normal delivery is that you need to specifically mark it as an optin message by setting the optin parameter to True. And there you have it! A way to automate your double opt-in process through the API so you can be sure that your active contacts truly want to hear from you. Alex Durzy Support Engineer at Bronto