This week we’ve made a small but powerful change to our Message Performance Over Time report. We now include Total Revenue tracking in both the chart itself and the data grid.

When you open this report, you’ll now notice ”Revenue” being tracked on the right hand Y-axis. You can toggle this metric on and off, alongside the other existing options (Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Rate and Conversion Rate). This is especially helpful when analyzing the impact that each of these may have on total revenue within a specific time period.

The sample chart below shows results for click rate and revenue at various dates. screen-shot2 As before, you can pick a specific message, delivery, delivery group, or automated message below the chart. Select your date range next and you’re all set to tweak and compare stats to your heart’s content. Simply click the metric below the chart to toggle its display on or off.

We’ve also included total revenue in the grid at the bottom of the page, so you can now view revenue data in line with the other stats for each item. It will display by default, but you can turn it off in the column settings. When included, it will be present when exporting grid data to Excel if you wish to massage the data offline. screen-shot Small feature, big value. Tell us what you think below. We’re always listening!